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PowerController 2.1.3

PowerController 2.1.3

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PowerController Publisher's Description

PowerController is an iTunes alarm clock. It is easily configured via System Preferences and offers the following features:

  • Integrates with iTunes
    o Plays any playlist you have created in iTunes
    o Sets the initial system volume and iTunes volume at your desired level
    o Gradually increases volume for soothing wake experience
  • Wakes your computer from sleep
  • Shuts off your alarm if you don't dismiss it after a designated time period (so that your neighbors don't call the police when you go away for vacation!)
  • Unlimited number of alarms
  • PowerController runs in the background -- there is no application hogging Dock space
  • Alarms never need to be rescheduled, even across reboots!
  • Customizable snooze time
  • Unlike other apps, you don't need to enter an administrative password every time you want to set an alarm
  • Optional menu bar item allows easy access to info about scheduled events
  • Schedule sleep and wake events for your Mac without an iTunes alarm
  • Unrestricted free 30 day trial
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